Product Name: Cement Pipe Manufacturing Machine of Vertically Compressing Type LJC Series
Product Introduction:
    The cement pipe manufacturing machine of vertically
compressing type LJC series can utiltze the stone bits(waste
material in stone field),slay,fly ash,sand,and the cement of
20%,to produce the concrete cement pipe of 150-1000mm in 
internal diameter and 1000mm in length with the end 
connection of socket and plug type by the advanced technology
of manufacturing cement pipes.The cement pipes can resist
the insidepressure up to 0.2-0.5Mpa.The pipe with the end 
connection of socket and plug type formed itsshape in one 
time,instant drawing out of the patterns.The total power of 
the electrical motor is 9-12.5kw.If each shift has 6-8 people
,the efficiency can be up to 10-15 sections/hour.The pipe can
be applide to such all respects as field irrigation,
motor-pumped well,small-scale pumping station,draining off water of municipal administration,highway culvert,etc.